AirSense 10 Autoset For Her Bundle (Refurbished)


FusionSleep refurbished PAP machines go through a rigorous testing and cleaning process to ensure they are ready for re-use. Our process includes cleaning the inside of the device using gaseous light, which is the same process used for surgical and dental equipment to sterilize instruments. The exterior of each device is cleaned with a biodegradable solution used in hospitals to provide a sanitized surface. Finally, the PAP device is pressure tested to ensure the device is pressure-accurate. When you purchase a refurbished device from FusionSleep, you can expect to receive a sterilized, high-quality device to support your sleep health.

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Airsense 10 AutoSet For Her (Refurbished)


Note: A prescription is required to purchase this product.

Mask with Headgear (for Bundles - not sold individually)

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