Save up to 75% on refurbished and lightly used
CPAP machines with full warranties!

If you want to save money on a CPAP, then a refurbished and gently used CPAP is perfect for you. Whether you want to purchase a CPAP for your primary use, or for a second home or alternate location, our team will work with you to select the right device for you.

Rigorous Testing, Cleaning and Warranty

FusionSleep’s refurbished PAP machines go through a rigorous testing and cleaning process to ensure they are ready for re-use. Our process includes cleaning the inside of the device using gaseous light, which is the same process used for surgical and dental equipment to sterilize instruments. The exterior of each device is cleaned with a biodegradable solution used in hospitals to provide a sanitized surface. Finally, the PAP device is pressure tested to ensure the device is pressure-accurate. When you purchase a refurbished device from FusionSleep, you can expect to receive a sterilized, high-quality device to support your sleep health.

Current Inventory

Our current inventory includes CPAP units with under 50 hours of use and a 6-month warranty. Details of usage hours and warranties are provided at time of sale.

Please call us at 678.990.3962 and we’ll provide you with information on our current stock to select the best unit for you.